Chess Camp COVID Preventative Measures
click here to download a copy of the measures listed below
Show up with:
1)  a face mask with the attendee's name on it. 
If an attendee does not have a mask, one will be provided.

2)  individual hand sanitizer with the attendee's name on it.
Group hand sanitizer is available.

3)  proper clothes for after lunch outdoor activities.
This should include sun block, a hat with a brim, and a water bottle.

At the door:
1)  temperature checks will be performed

2)  Each camper will be quizzed about their present state of health and any recent exposure possibilities.

Camp layout and procedures:
1)  Campers and instructors are required to wear masks at all times indoors.

2)  Instructors will wear masks during outdoor activities:  hiking, frisbee, soccer. 
(Campers are not required to wear masks outdoors.)

3)   Hand sanitizer will be available at every table.  Campers will be reminded to wash their hands frequently and keep their hands away from their faces.

4)  Bathrooms and other indoor frequently contacted surfaces will be disinfected while campers are outside and after each day of camp.

5)  Chess pieces, boards and clocks will be collected after each day of camp.  Each day's group of equipment will be used again only after at least three days of confinement.

6)  Instruction groups are determined by skill and age; these groups will be in separate sections on the center and will have limited intermingling.