Welcome to the Rochester Chess Center.
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Chess Store
Open 9 am - 5 pm Monday through Friday
During evenings and weekends while lessons, league play,
community play and tutoring are going on, customers
may stop by to look at merchandise and purchase items. 
Call ahead if you saw something specific on the web site
and would like a closer look before buying.

Weekly Event Schedule

    USCF Rated League   7 PM to 10 PM.  Runs 10 weeks.
-  Teams assigned.  4-5 players on a team.  Highest rated players matched.
-  Board 1 is also FIDE (International) rated.
-  Game/90 minutes w/ 5 second delay.  $25
-  Click HERE to go to League page
    Winter League is currently underway. 
    Next chance to join:  Spring League  scheduled to begin in late March.

    USCF Rated Games w/ the Community Chess Club 7:30 PM to 10 PM
    -  Game/80
    -  Opponents assigned.  $5

    -  This is the best event for players new to tournament disciplines of
        recording moves and budgeting time on a chess clock
     -  No commitment to play every week.

                                    Youth Tournament  10 AM-1 PM
    grades pre-K to 8     
-   Learn how to budget time using a chess clock and get comfortable
                                      recording your moves.
 -  USCF rated games are optional.
-  Prize for each player; each player gets a national rating.
-  Prize for each player; each player gets a national rating.

-  Game/30 minutes.  Usually 3 to 5 games.  $6

Adult USCF Rated Tournament  2 PM to 8 PM
- Cash prizes to 70% of entries.
-  Sections by rating; 8 players each;
3 rounds. 
-  Game/60 minutes with 5 second delay. 
-  $15 adults; $13 HS;  $11 pre-HS