An important announcement about
the Interscholastic Chess League

The Interscholastic Chess Leagues
will be conducting matches this year,
despite the continuing COVID-19 pandemic.

After a year of remote play, we are anticipating a relatively 'normal' start to the season; that is,
we expect to start in mid-October as has historically been the case.

Game play during this season will return to in-person play. 

If circumstances warrant, play may be suspended until in-person play resumes.

Should a long term suspension of in-person play occur, remote play
will be used to continue play.  Remote play will be held with students
at their home school; remote play from home will not occur.

Because the COVID-19 virus (and its variants) is still a concern,
in-person participation will require mandatory vaccinations and masking.

Since the COVID vaccines are not yet approved for students of younger ages,
mandatory vaccinations are NOT required at this time for
middle school-age players.

However, if vaccines are approved for younger students,
future participation may require students to be vaccinated. 

Much like last year, this will again be a season unlike any other
 in the history of the Interscholastic Chess Leagues.
Coaches and players are asked to be patient, respectful and helpful
as we work to make this season a safe, fun, educational endeavor.