Pre-Playoff Practice Tournament Information

General Information
1.  Tournaments will be held after school at the Rochester Chess Center during the two weeks leading up to the Chess playoffs.  Dates will be offered once the date of the Playoffs has been finalized. 
2.  Each tournament will feature two opening games (pairings randomly assigned) followed by a pairing the losing teams from the opening games and a pairing of the winning teams from the opening games.
3.  Instructors from the Chess Center will 'shadow' the games, offering in-game advice (for both players), helping guide strategy and providing analysis.


3.  Teams will field a five-person team, but teams may bring as many players as they'd like.
4.   Time control is game in 25 with 5 second delay.

5.  A school wishing to participate simply needs to pre-register for a given date.  Schools from other leagues may then fill slots in that tournament.  (It is actually possible to have simultaneous tournaments if there is particularly heavy interest for a given day.) 
6.  A fee of $15/player ($55/team) is charged.  Schools can register and pay through the district/school or they can pay separately on site.
7.  Tournaments will begin at 3:30 or 4:00.  The time frame should be much like a regular season meet.
8.  If there is time, a school may select any of the five boards and request an analysis.  Notation is the responsibility of the school.